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There is no formula for success, except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings

       Arthur Ruberstien

Career Highlights:

  • Paralympics, Sochi, Russia 2014

              3rd slalom

  • World Championships, La Molina Spain 2013: 

              2nd slalom

              2nd downhill

              3rd giant slalom

              3rd super-combined

  • World Championships, PyeongChang, S. Korea 2009:

              1st downhill

              1st super g

  • Overall World Cup Super G Champion 2009
  • Overall World Cup Title (all events combined) 2008:
  • Paralympics, Torino, Italy 2006

              3rd super g

Detailed Breakdown by Season:


  • World Cup, La Molina, Spain:

              sl(3) 3rd, sl(4) 2nd


  • IPCAS race, Panorama, Canada:

              gs 1st

  • Noram, Copper Mt., USA:

              gs(1&2) 1st, sl(1&2) 1st

  • World Cup, Panorama, Canada:

              gs 2nd

  • World Cup, Copper Mt., USA:

              gs 3rd, sl (1&2) 2nd

  • Paralympics, Sochi, Russia:

              sl 3rd

  • Noram, Whistler, Canada:

              sl 1st, gs 1st

  • Canadian Nationals, Whistler, BC:

              sl 1st, gs 1st


  • IPCAS race, Panorama, Canada:

              sg 1st, gs 1st, sl 1st

  • Noram, Kimberley, Canada:

              sg 1st

  • World Cup, St. Mortiz, Switzerland:

              gs 3rd

  • World Championships, La Molina, Spain:

              dh 2nd, sl 2nd, gs 3rd, sc 3rd


  • World Cup, Panorama, Canada:  

              sg-comb 1st

  • World Cup, Winterpark, USA:

              sl 1st, sg 2nd

  • Noram, Kimberley, Canada:

              dh 1st, sg(1) 1st, sg(2) 1st

  • World Cup, La Molina, Spain:

              gs 1st, sl 2nd

  • World Cup, Arte terme, Italy:

              gs 1st, sl 1st

  • Noram, Copper Mountain, USA:

              gs(1) 3rd, gs(2) 1st, sl(1&2) 1st

  • World Cup Overalls:

             sl 2nd

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  • World Cup, Patscher Kofel, Austria:

              gs 2nd

  • World Cup, Abtenau, Austria:

              gs 2nd

  • World Cup Overalls:

              gs 3rd

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