Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team (CPAST)


Although the team dynamic (and members) change from season to season, there is one constant... we have a lot of fun ski racing together!  You become a family when you spend so much time together, and it often seems we spend more time with each other than with our respective families at home.  Life on the road would be a lot more tiring and stressful if we didn’t get along well with one another, and nothing can brings people together quite like sharing a focused mission and end goal.  Together we motivate each other to work hard, experience countless successes (and failures), and support each other emotionally and when need be, physically.  We are all very competitive, and are able to push each other in a way that you might not push yourself alone... and although some of the team also compete against each other on the circuit, we put individual ambitions aside and cheer each other all the way across the line, every time!

The Sochi 2014 team, CPAST was featured in videographer Ewan Nicholson’s Short “Pedal To The Carpet.  Check out the 2 trailers and the film here:

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